Marcia's beautiful, vivid scenes capture all of nature's glory in its own
Marcia enjoys the challenge of capturing the drama of the light and
bringing those images to life on a canvas.

The beauty of a sunrise or a sunset, the chill of feeling you are there on a
cold winter day, the imagined aroma of flowers from a colorfully painted
bouquet are yours to share with the artist.

Enjoying the beauty of the West through the artist's eyes is a privilege
we should not pass up.  This is her challenge.... to have the viewer "’feel"
and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Marcia was born in Spokane, WA and raised in Kalispell, MT.  She
became interested in art at a young age.  Her love of nature and wildlife
is stimulated by her frequent field trips.  Marcia is a traditional painter
working in oils, watercolors, alkyds and acrylics.  Her subject matter
includes landscapes, florals, seascapes, still-life and wildlife.

Marcia has been involved in the C.M. Russell Auction and Quick Draw
since 1987.  Her paintings have been juried into national shows.

Marcia has been fortunate to have studied with some of the west's
outstanding artists, including Joe Abbrescia, Irving Shapiro, M.L.
Coleman, Joe Thornbrugh, Larry Pirnie, Jack Hines, Jessica Zemsky,
Delbert Gish, John Seerey-Lester, Mario Cooper and others.  Each of
these artists contributed not only to her technical knowledge of the skill of
art, but her outlook and approach to art.

"Painting nature is a consuming love.  My challenge is to capture that
fleeting dramatic light as it moves across the landscape.  For me nature
is an endless source, a fountain to drink from.  An artist must express
nature from within.  You must feel it!"..... Marcia Ballowe